January 25, 2004

4 PM 7 PM

Call Ramsey at (973) 769-0874

Hot Legs!

Part 1: - Healthy Legs!
A. How To Give A Great Foot Massage!
B. Joint Loosening For Your Hips, Knees and Ankles!

Part 2: - Strong, Sexy Legs!
Simple Exercises For Awesome Calves, Thighs and Buttocks!

Part 3: - Effective Legs!
Legs For Self Defense, Much More Than Just Kicking!

US Taekwondo Center, Hills Plaza (Kings), Rt. 202/206 Bedminster, NJ
$20 per person.
Reserve your place early!

Check out our new classes: Self-Defense for Women,
Tai Chi Sword and the newest Olympic sport, Pushing Hands.