Protect yourself everyday with Taijiquan!

Practicing Tai Chi Chuan improves the quality of daily life in so many ways that it has become one of the most popular systems of exercise in the world.The range of benefits that can be derived from Tai Chi spans the entire spectrum of possibilities. People have reported results ranging from generally just feeling better overall to the remission of terminal illnesses. Clinical studies show significant measurable improvements in many important quality of life factors.Influences from the world around us diminish and deplete us every day. Little by little, through events like sickness, pain and fatigue, these forces cost us our energy, happiness and money too. Tai Chi helps us replenish ourselves and build an “armor” to protect us from further harm.

Below is a short summary of a few universal risks and issues that everyone faces in daily life and the demonstrated affects of Tai Chi on them:

Master Jou Tsung Hwa, one of the most respected of modern Tai Chi teachers, tells in his book, “The Tao of T'ai-Chi Ch'uan”, about how he became ill at age 47, “… with enlarged heart and gastroptosis, because of years of hard work and vigorous schedules.” These are medical conditions that were considered incurable at that time, and today only treatable by dangerous drugs or surgery. He then describes how he began practicing Tai Chi, “ … In only two weeks, my appetite improved and the frequency and severity of my stomach pain lessened. In three years time, my stomach was completely healed. In five years my heart returned to normal, and I regained total good health without the use of drugs.” Students of Master Jou (I being one of them) will attest to his incredible vigor. Even beyond the advanced age of eighty, he was demonstrating a level of health and prowess that rivals that of a young man’s.