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About our Instruction

All classes are conducted by Sifu Ramsey Yunan. Ramsey has over 25 years of martial experience in many systems. Over 20 of those years are in Tai Chi studies with some of the leading teachers in the US and from Asia. He is also an accomplished push-hands competitor and has won medals at several national and regional tournaments.

Ramsey also has the experience of a 20-year career in engineering and business that allows him to relate the curriculum to applications in everyday personal and professional life. His extensive knowledge, personal attention and love for teaching makes our program effective, easy and fun.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese exercise system, based on Taoist concepts, that develops the balance of Yin and Yang in our bodies, minds and spirits. Tai Chi is a no-stress system that can be practiced anywhere by anyone, anytime. The exercises develop good posture and strong muscle tone, sharpen the mind, enhance vitality and help to relieve stress related pain. It is a truly complete system, including meditation, breathing and internal organ stimulation, providing health and many other benefits. Tai Chi is also well known as the most effective martial art ever developed, yet it is non-violent and doesn't use strength, so even small women and the elderly can easily defend themselves. Most importantly of all, Tai Chi Chuan is great fun and makes good friends!

Tai Chi is practiced in a slow, relaxed manner, so there's no exertion or sweating and you can do it in any comfortable clothes. There is a variety of ways that Tai Chi is practiced; seated, standing and moving. Most exercises only need a few feet of space and can be done anywhere, including your home or office, without special equipment like mats and other devices.

What is Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is a term used to generally describe any Chinese martial arts system. Each system has its own style and usefulness, some are mostly for fighting, and some are mostly for show. Authentic fighting styles do not look particularly fancy and tend to emphasize drills over forms. The training involves ancient exercises used to develop tremendous physical power and mental discipline. The physical training is designed to develop the whole body, inside and out, based on the principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The self-defense training is practical, realistic and dynamic, so that it works for everyone. Right here and now, people young and old, male and female, can enjoy the same legendary benefits of Kung Fu that people have been enjoying for centuries!

Practicing these exercises has been shown to improve health and vitality dramatically, within a few weeks. Some of the most measurable effects are a better sense of balance, lower blood pressure, joint pain relief and a stronger immune system. Other benefits include improved mental and physical ability, a lower stress lifestyle, personal interaction skills, and even the ability to defend yourself.

What is our training program like?

Silent Dragon teaches the original Tai Chi of Yang Lu-chan, and is the only school in the region that teaches in the authentic temple method. Our program follows that used in ancient times, where the form was taught as a set of individual exercises, not one difficult, long sequence, as is common today. We cover the complete curriculum of Tai Chi, which not only includes health aspects, but also mental, spiritual and community development, and a full range of superior martial applications in hand and weapon combat that anyone can learn and use for sport or defense.

Initial training consists of basic breathing, posture and concentration development exercises done while moving and in stillness. Additional training includes practicing individual forms and other exercises. In addition to solo practice, there are also partnered exercises to develop sensitivity and interaction with other people.

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