Silent Dragon Class Topics

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Silent Dragon offers Group Classes, Private Lessons and Corporate Seminars in:
Optimal Fitness and Health.
Personal Achievement.
Stress and Fear Management.
Mental Focus and Self-Confidence.
Crisis Intervention.
Practical Self-Defense.
Body Development.
Performance Enhancement.
Team Building.
Security and Law Enforcement.

Pushing Hands:
Come play with us in what could be the newest Olympic sport (possible in 2008). Pushing Hands is terrific fun for men and women that also greatly enhances a person's mental and physical attributes. Train with the ONLY nationally ranked competitor and AAU certified judge in the area!

"Soft" Self-Defense:
This class breaks the common misconception that successful self-defense requires great physical strength, complex techniques and hurtful intentions. By developing relaxed inner power, expanded awareness and understanding body mechanics, students learn to handle much larger opponents with ease and confidence. This is especially useful for non-muscular people such as women, office workers, students and mature adults.

Mixed Martial Arts:
'Sixty Minutes' states that the most popular sport in America right now is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). MMA combines punching, kicking, grappling and wrestling into one fighting art. Here, we examine well known fighting methods from Brazil, Russia, China and Japan as well as more obscure styles from places such as Europe, Indonesia and Phillipines.

Black Dragon Style Kung Fu:
Discover the power of this ancient secret art. Once the exclusive art of gangs and assassins, Dragon Kung Fu develops powerful punches and kicks along with compelling offensive methods and indomitable spirit.

Explore a variety of traditional and non-traditional weapons. Topics include stick and knife fighting from Indonesia and Phillipines, Quarterstaff techniques from China and Japan and, of course, Taiji sword. Throughout training, there is practical emphasis on applying principles learned to using "found" weapons in modern situations.

Tai Chi Combat:
Tap into your Internal Power with combat applications from Tai Chi Chuan and other internal martial arts. Break the mystery and misconceptions, understand the mechanics and the mentality of effectively defending yourself. Improve your attention, reflexes, skills and confidence whether you are large or small, experienced or beginner, man or woman.

Low-Power Workout:
Release stress and stay fit and healthy with our Low-Power workout! A combination of exercises from Kung Fu, Yoga, and Qigong (also known as Chinese Yoga), our unique program develops your entire body and mind together. These exercises relax tension in the mind and body, and help develop a calm, focused mind. Often, the first benefits are good muscle tone and posture, followed quickly by improved health and stamina, and increased mental sharpness. The best part is that you can do it in your daily business clothes!
Some exercises you'll do include:

  • Body-Mind-Spirit Calming Meditation
  • Tension Release and Spinal Alignment
  • Joint Loosening and Flexibility
  • Muscle/Tendon Chi Kung
  • Deep Breath Energy Cultivation
  • Balance and Coordination Development

High-Power Workout:
Get in the best shape of your life with our High-Power workout! A combination of exercises from Kung Fu, Yoga, and Qigong (also known as Chinese Yoga), our unique program develops your entire body and mind together. These exercises increase strength and flexibility, burn calories and fortify internal organs. Develop your body from the inside out so that you won't just look good, you'll also feel good and be more vibrantly youthful and healthy!
Some exercises you'll do include:

  • Kung Fu Aerobic and Strength Training
  • Joint Loosening and Flexibility
  • Iron Shirt Chi Kung
  • Dynamic Whole-body Power Training
  • Deep Breath Energy Cultivation
  • Balance and Coordination Development

Tai Chi Principles:
Learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan. Basic theory, techniques and drills, are the body of the work. Primary sensitivity skills are also trained with push-hands practice. New and advanced students are welcome.

Tai Chi Form:
This is the ONLY place in New Jersey you can learn the original Yang Style Short form. Study general and advanced topics in Tai Chi. Excellent for students with or without previous experience this class covers specifics on forms, training methods and applications.

Healing Meditation:
This class consists of gentle, meditative exercises that rejuvenate the mind and body. Special attention is paid to relieving tension in the body, stimulating and revitalizing the organs and relaxing the mind.

Tai Chi for Kids:
This class teaches the discipline, focus and confidence of Martial Arts in a quiet, non-aggressive way. Fitness and concentration exercises are calm and gentle. They focus on developing strong joints and bones, coordination, a longer attention span and active decision making. Everyone, kids and parents, can enjoy it together.