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Silent Dragon News:

  • Silent Dragon Is Open in New Jersey!

    Silent Dragon owner and instructor, Ramsey Yunan is based in Boonton, NJ and provides private and group instruction as well as special seminars and workshops.
    Classes are offered on-site at homes, health clubs, community centers, schools, etc.
    Ramsey mainly serves the local North Jersey region and is also available to travel by arrangement.
    Please contact him directly for more information.

What It's All About:

Our program is a holistic system of health, fitness and lifestyle exercises which have been organized into three categories that range from low physical intensity to high.

Unifying the Mind-Body-Spirit

Meditative exercises focused on developing breathing, posture and mental clarity.   Most exercises will be either standing, seated or involve slow walking with coordinated movements.   These exercises are minimally intensive and can be done by people with limited mobility.

Taijiquan Principles and Applications

Solo exercises that are generally non-resistive and primarily work balance and coordination.   Partnered exercises, called "Pushing Hands", can vary from extremely light touch interaction to fully vigorous physical interchange.   Competitive practice, while similar in appearance to sparring, specifically restricts the use of force, thus limiting physical intensity and potential for injury.

Mixed Chinese Martial Arts

Supervised limited-contact martial arts training which includes various hand and armed combat practice.   Particular emphasis will be placed on safety awareness and developing the ability to actively control the use of force.   Some physical development will be done as well as drills and self defense techniques.   For the time being, traditional sparring will not be a major activity and will only be done under safe conditions with proper protective equipment.

Silent Dragon provides training in Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Gong, Kung Fu, Kun Tao Silat and other arts for better health, stress management, performance improvement and self-defense. The Silent Dragon program is for everyone, large or small, male or female, old or young. Dedicated classes are available for children, seniors, women and corporations, including special seminars and workshops.

Silent Dragon offers private instruction, special topic seminars and general classes in central New Jersey and the surrounding region, at places such as homes, community centers, schools, clubs, spas, etc. Corporate programs are available at on-site health centers or in meeting rooms. Weekend seminars are available across the country.

Silent Dragon's Tai Chi is different than other types of training. It is the only COMPLETE system to improve the whole MIND and BODY. Our training is effective for everyone: Man, woman and child.

Improve your Mind
Learn to be calm and focused, free of anxiety, stress and fear.
[ Tai Chi is used to treat Alzheimer's patients.

Improve your Health
Become healthier and more vigorous. Resist disease and sickness. Reduce fatigue and aging.
[ Tai Chi is used to treat diseases and extend life.

Improve your Sport
Improve your balance and coordination. Enhance your flexibility and mobility.
[ Tai Chi has helped professional athletes in Golf, Tennis, Football, Boxing and many other sports.

Improve your Work
Learn to filter distractions. Increase your concentration and performance.
[ Companies worldwide do Tai Chi every day.
Learn how Tai Chi Chuan protects you from harm every day!
Start Now!
Enjoy These Benefits and Much More, In Your Life Today!
    Fitness, Health And Performance
  • Build strength and power.
  • Define body shape.
  • Tone and firm muscles and skin.
  • Increase bone density and joint strength.
  • Develop flexibility and mobility.
  • Enhance physical and mental energy levels.
  • Increase energy, stamina and vigor.
  • Align body posture.
  • Boost immune system.
  • Increase confidence, eliminate fear.
    Energizing, Anti-Stress, Anti-Aging
  • Relax tired, stiff joints and muscles.
  • Release anxiety and tension.
  • Relieve fatigue and lethargy.
  • Calm mind and body.
  • Improve coordination, balance and stability.
  • Stimulate brain and internal organs.
  • Invigorate heart and lungs.
  • Increase concentration and alertness.
  • Enhance hormone and enzyme production.